(CRCICA) and (NCIA) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA) and Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) penned off a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) during the just concluded 7th East Africa International Arbitration Conference 2019 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi.
Cairo and Nairobi agreed to enter into an agreement of mutual cooperation and capacity building. It is anticipated that this MOU will provide a framework through which mutual knowledge sharing will be deepened. It is envisaged that a positive and mutually beneficial relationship will be established in the areas of seminars, conferences, information exchange, alternative hearing centers, exchange visits among other mutually beneficial activities.
It is hoped that these kind of partnerships will boost arbitration practice on the African continent.

Permanent Court of Arbitration signed Cooperation Agreement with NCIA

Permanent Court of Arbitration signed Cooperation Agreement with NCIA

On 11 September 2017, a Co-operation Agreement was concluded between the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA).

The Co-operation Agreement establishes a framework for the two organizations to work together towards the promotion of arbitration as a means for the peaceful settlement of international disputes. In addition, it formally recognizes the benefits of cooperation among International Arbitral institutions.

On a practical level, under this Agreement, each institution will be able to hold hearings and meetings at the other’s premises, and will assist with the arrangement of local support services for such events. The institutions also endeavor to cooperate in organization of conferences, lectures, and seminars on arbitration and other means of dispute resolution.

The PCA has also signed cooperation agreements with other arbitration institutions and international organizations worldwide in order to make PCA dispute resolution services more widely accessible.