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Draft National ADR Policy

The Nairobi Centre for International Arbitration (NCIA) in collaboration with other lead agencies commenced the process of coordinating the formulation of a National Policy on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). A National ADR Policy will serve to promote the utilization of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and enhance access to justice for Kenyans. In effect, a National ADR Policy will harness the attainment of the World Bank ease of doing business index and SDG goal 16. 3 on access to justice. 

The draft policy has been prepared from views obtained which presents the current status of the ADR system in the country. In discerning the problem it identifies challenges, needs and gaps including: challenges with key concepts in ADR; inadequate institutional, legal and policy infrastructure; inadequate governance and regulatory mechanisms; weak intra-sector coordination and linkage with the formal sector; inadequate availability, accessibility and uptake of ADR services; inadequate capacity within ADR practice areas; inadequate resources; lack of harmonized standards; and weak sectoral Governance and oversight.

We hereby invite the members of the public and particularly, the stakeholders in ADR to attend and participate in the national validation forum scheduled to be held on THURSDAY 31ST OCTOBER 2019 AT CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL, UPPERHILL, NAIROBI.

The Forum will start from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Members of the public and interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the forum; or forward their written submissions to (adrpolicy@ncia.or.keon or before 31st October, 2019.Download Your Copy of FINAL DRAFT NATIONAL ADR POLICY

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